Friday, 5 March 2010 exams!

Hello and Happy 2010.

This week is Re-Freshers week!

For those of you who do not know what this is it is a week for all the newbies who come to uni for a placement etc for them to find out about what it has to offer now they are in!

I was on the LoveHullUni stall for a little while spreading the Good news and talking to people about what we do along with eating FREE Dominos pizza!

Accomodation Fayre happened on Wednesday........this was possibly the most stressfull day i have had yet at university.
The task was to find a house for a reasonable price meeting to everyones taste. Seems easy on paper but how wrong was i!

To cut a long day short. I have a house for next year and everyone from the original group signed. PRAISE THE LORD!


I missed my 1st lecture of the year this week. I wish it had a great story behind it but my nike broke and had to fix it ......thats all!

Work is pilling up nicely this!


I have now been inducted onto the 'Welcome team' at Hull Vineyard and i really enjoyed it and some of the people i met at the Re-Freshers fayre turned up too! Awesome!

So another term has started here in Hull.

God Bless


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