Friday, 5 March 2010 exams!

Hello and Happy 2010.

This week is Re-Freshers week!

For those of you who do not know what this is it is a week for all the newbies who come to uni for a placement etc for them to find out about what it has to offer now they are in!

I was on the LoveHullUni stall for a little while spreading the Good news and talking to people about what we do along with eating FREE Dominos pizza!

Accomodation Fayre happened on Wednesday........this was possibly the most stressfull day i have had yet at university.
The task was to find a house for a reasonable price meeting to everyones taste. Seems easy on paper but how wrong was i!

To cut a long day short. I have a house for next year and everyone from the original group signed. PRAISE THE LORD!


I missed my 1st lecture of the year this week. I wish it had a great story behind it but my nike broke and had to fix it ......thats all!

Work is pilling up nicely this!


I have now been inducted onto the 'Welcome team' at Hull Vineyard and i really enjoyed it and some of the people i met at the Re-Freshers fayre turned up too! Awesome!

So another term has started here in Hull.

God Bless


Christmas arrived at Needler and a round up of 2009!

Hello and Merry Christmas!!

Christmas has arrived down the corridor this week. I made a paper snow flake for the 1st time ever!

This week also brought the first snow fall during my time in Hull! It was awesome it felt all christmasy!!


This week is reading week for Chemists although i can't grab an extra week of holidays as i have 2 back to back 2 hour exams in friday morning!! Where is the justice in the world!!


When i came to University i had 2 suitcases, a box and bedding........this has significantly grown and i am having great difficulty packing everything i have into my wardrobe! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


As mentioned last week we did flyering and give aways at the Newland light switch on.....we had our chirstmas service and an overdose of mince pies on Saturday! Great service joined by all.

Sooo 2009 What a Year!

2009 saw Zoe:

finally conquor my alevels once and for all and get into Hull University to read Chemistry with a year in industry.

Leave Caterham School for the final time. Many memories of this school and no doubt ill be back to help in one way or another.

Enjoy a whole year holiday to Crete

Be a leader on team at New wine in groundbreakers. Goooo REDS!

Leave home for the 1st time to chase after my dream of being a chemist

Join a church and get involved with its ministries

There are many more amazing events that happened in 2009 but these are a few that stick out for me! This year i have grown so much closer to God and long to put this into action in future years.

Here to to even more successful 2010!