Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hybrization, precipitation and radiation

So the title of this latest installment may be very random if not strange! Let me explain!

Being in Hull they all have a different accent to us Londoners! After a mixture of being told i definately had a London accent and having one of my course mates, Jay in my ear everytime a lecture said something in an accent (very regular) i decided i was going to do my best in engaging in the Yorkshire accent! Jay decided she would join me and we spent the entire of our maths tutorial trying to make a sentance that makes sense with hybridization, precipitaion and radiation in that actually made sense! We were un successful but it was the fastest maths tutorial ever! Please let me know if you have any ideas!


As i have mentioned in my previous posts i have had a series of mid semester tests! Didn't have any idea how i had answered the questions as these were my first university exams! You will all be please to know i gained 75%, 85% and 47% so in university terms that is two 1sts and a 3rd. Pretty awesome!

Only one more lab session till the end of semester and week 12 is our 'reading week'! so i may actually get some revision done that week!


This week saw the christmas lights on Newland Ave switched on. As a church we hit the streets to spread the love of Jesus with free bees and invites to our christmas services! Also one of the worship bands were able to play some rocked up carols which were awesome!

Also it was the newcomers dinner last sunday. We were taken to Lattitude (very posh resturant) for a chance to meet the leadership team and learn about what the church is about and were it is going! Was very exciting to meet new people and hear of what the church has planned.


Last weekend i was very lucky to see Delirious? on their fairwell tour with Becca. Was an awesome weekend seeing Becca for the 1st time since the summer and Delirious? was amazing. There is definately something very special about worshiping the Lord at events like that.

Here is a little taster of the night.

Although i went with Becca i kept bumping into various people i have met over the past few months. Was great fun!

We also went to a German market.....see below.

So another week has come to an end and only 2 weeks till i am back in London for Christmas!!

Prayer requests

The CU are doing another text a washer upper this friday. Please pray that it all goes well and they get lots of texts!

At vineyard the same day we are having a girly pamper night. Should be an awesome night. Please pray that all the guests enjoy themselves.

Thank you for all your support!

God Bless



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