Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Girly evening, a visit from home, baptisms and I turn 19!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been a little while since i last updated my blog! Another busy yet lovelly week here in Hull.

On Friday i had the afternoon off so i decided to go and have a look around Hull I found the ice arena and then walked along the Marina. The sun was shining and the sky was blue and it was a stuning sight.

So Friday night saw the 1st of another Hull Vineyard event called Image. This is an evening put on just for women. I was such a lovely time, i had a foot bath/massage, a face pack and a upper body massage! Wish we could do that every friday night. pictures below!

Saturday soon came and my Mummy arrived here in Hull! I was so excited to see her! We had an amazing day together, shopping, walking along the Marina and ending up at The Deep. *The Deep is the big aquarium here in Hull, some how this made me behave like a 6 year old again going 'ooo' at all the fish but was good fun*. We then headed to the cinema and watched, 'Me and Orson Welles'. This was a lovely film to crown off a truely special day!

Sunday arrived which ment I turn 19!! Mum was ready and armed with all my presents, hats, clothes, a winter coat, and a big kiss! *As mentioned in my previous blog Dad came up a month ago and bought me a Wii and a Tv to play it on for my birthday and christmas! More on that later!* As Mum wanted to see the church i joined we went along to the 10:30 service at the Vineyard. Mum really enjoyed it and a big thank you Gwyn who mentioned Lattitude for a good place to go for lunch, especially as the ministers had the same idea! We had a lovely lunch and then it was time to say goodbye. A very special weekend had come to an end but i now have some very special memories to hold onto as i don't get to live with my Mum anymore! Love you Mummy!! xx
Some pictures of the weekend.

Zoe and some boats on the Marina

Mummy and some boats on the Marina

Other Birthday celebrations!

I had a Birthday meal with some of my new friends here in Hull, followed by Wii championships on my new Wii and TV and then went out to Brassick (Student night). A big thank you to all the lovely people who celebrated my birthday with me, it was definately one to remember! More pictures below!

My Bedroom door with pink baloons!

Wii Chamionships!

The table at my birthday meal!


I am still enjoying attending Hull Vineyard church.

2nd December saw the switch on of the Newland Ave lights! *Newland Ave is where the majority of students live in Hull* As a church we hit the streets with free giveaways, invites to our christmas service and litter pickers! It was a great event enjoyed by all and the Vineyard band where asked to play some rocked up christmas carols to get us into the christmas swing!

6th December (my Birthday) saw the first set of Baptisms here, very simular to the set up that Purley Baptist do although the baptisms took place in a birthing pool and people being baptised had to sit down to be dunked!! Also as it was my birthday i was taken to the pub for celebrate the last few hours of my birthday!

13th December was the Hull Vineyard Carol service, with rocked up christmas carols, street dancing, drama and lots and lots of mince pies and Mulled wine! It was a great event to see the other members of the church i havnt yet met!


I have now handed in my IT assignment and look forward to hearing the grade i got! I have finished all my labs and lectures for the Semester but i hope my glass ware hasn't got mould on it as i put it in the cupboard wet! oops! never mind! Ill learn from my mistake!

This week is Chemists reading week! which in theory means that i can go home but oh no! they place 4 hours of assessments on the last friday of term one week before christmas! so this week is revision week!

Clubs and societies

Trampolining is going well. starting to make friends there now! Also my kit arrived this week! picture below!

CU is going well. We are still going through Luke and learning lots. We had our christmas jazz night and pub quiz on Monday! My team came 4th which was very respectable go team '3 chemists, a londoner and a bishop'.

So here i am. 1 week from the end of my 1st semster at University. What a 12 weeks it has been full of highs and lows. Next week i will do a round up and look back on the term and share some hopes fears and plans for the next year.

Prayer requests

Exams- 2 2 hour exams coming up on friday. Please pray that i am disciplined in doing my work and that i am able to remember the information in the exam.

For friendships - please pray that the friends i have will not be lost over the holidays and that the friendships i have at home will still be there when i get back.

For my family - that my arrival back in the house and London will not be stressful as i have definately changed as a person and being a student i live a very different lifestyle

Accommodation - everyone is panicing about it atm. its all very much up in the air. Please pray that it will all fall into place and that i get a nice house and a good set of house mates.

Big Love and i look forward to being back in London on Sunday!



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