Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Weeks 2 - 4

As you can probably tell i'm still learning how to do this blog thing and i realise that last blog was possibly a challenge to read! i will try my best to keep it short and sweet and in bitesize sections!

Week 2 bought the beginning of my degree. Lectures began on the monday. I have 3 full days of lectures and 1 full day of Labs with Wednesday as a day off. The material being covered at the moment is mainly alevel but some new material, which whilst challenging is actually interesting.
Labs are really good fun! In the week 3 experiment the girl next to me managed to explode both her experiments in the space of 10 mins and cover my right arm and half my equipment red precipitate so my brand new white lab coat made it 2 weeks!

CU and church
The CU organised a church fayre as their 1st meeting which was a great oppurtunity to meet all the pastours from the churches around Hull.

Also through the CU i met a lovely person in Carrie. Carrie is a Relay worker who is working with the CU for a year. Carrie offered to meet up and do a bible study with her on a weekly basis which i was so happy about as it was something i had been thinking about and was a clear answer to prayer especially as she had just graduated this summer.

Church hunting is going well. i have now been to 3 churches now and i am just prayerfully considering which church is for me.
At vineyard i was firstly invited to their student small group (simular to evolve back home). Met some more lovely people and felt really welcomed. Following small group i was asked to be on the welcome team at LoveLife. This is an event that Hull vineyard put on to invite people along to church without it being a service and to help break down the stereotype and views people have of church. This was an awesome event!

Clubs and societies

I am now apart of the trampolining club and trying to remember to moves once was able to do!

Hull Fair and Hull city

I was able to go to Hull fair at the end of week 2. Hull fair i have been reliably informed is the largest traveling fair in Europe i can agree it was massive and very expensive! Had an awesome time there but did wish by the end i had eaten dinner a bit earlier but i did get a sponge bob balloon which i have always wanted!!
Hull city is awesome! It has not 1 not 2 but 3 shopping centres which are all great! and only a bus journey away!
I think i'll leave it there for this post! hope this post is easier to read.
Just a few prayer requests
that i continue to keep on top of my work. i have 3 mid semester tests coming up!
that i will continue to make friends in my halls, course and clubs and societies.
that i will continue to be able to find time for my quiete times in my busy schedule
Hope you are all well?
God Bless

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