Friday, 20 November 2009

Washing up, midnight piggyback races and Christmas lights!!


Sorry that this edition of this weeks blog is has been a very busy week! This week saw the shut down of the entire Uni.......was very strange.

Last week i mentioned the small groups at Vineyard were treated to our very own fireworks display........i some how forgot to mention the midnight piggy backs and possing at the bus stop! See below......


Being in Hull and near the sea, the wind can be very strong at times but this week the wind has chosen to blow at right angles to the way i am cycling. As a result, i found myself being blown either into the kurb or into a car! The 15 minute cycle turned into a marthon and has to be one of the most challenging physical exercises i have ever done just to stay alive!!
Also this week combined i have worked out i have cycled 36 miles with 12 of them being today!! hardcore ey!!??


I have now come to the end of my mid semester tests! I feel they went ok altough when you see 2 lines of question followed by '6 marks' it was a little scary as i frantically tried to find 6 points related to the question in my attempt to answer it!
Hopefully, this week will be a little lighter on the work load and can get my IT assignment done and dusted!

Clubs and Societies

As i mentioned in last weeks blog, as a CU we were planning on doing 'text a toastie' at the Lawns (student halls). Due to health and safety gone mad we had to change it slightly to 'text a washer upper'. This bascially ment anyone can text a question they have about God the world and everything in it and what block they are in and moments later a group of us will turn up and do their washing up and give an answer to the question! Easy in principle!
Only issue was that due to various things the wardens wouldn't/couldn't put up the posters with the numbers on so the number wasn't circulated enough......we got 2 texts!
So Dave's amazing plan was to go to the people! Paired with Jen and armed with scrubbers, washing up liquid and Mark's Gospel we set off to Downs Hall! Jen had links with some people in the hall and we did help people tidy up their kitchens and do their washing up! People where very receptive to us and felt cared and loved that we had given up our night to be Jesus to them through this AOK!

I am still learning so much as Carrie and i go through Collosian's and how i can apply it to my life!


Church is awesome! I am starting to feel apart of the family here and during the ministry times one of the ministers took me under her wing and taught me how to pray for someone and listen to God. Something i have always been very unsure of.

In other news......

A lunch time well spent!

One lunch time, i went up to the library to do some constructive revision for one of my mid semster tests but shortly after logging onto a computer i was greated by a smiling Scott and Luke (my fellow christian 2nd year chemists) had a nice little conversation about the wonder that is chemistry until Scott pipes up with, 'did you know that in the KJV of the bible, when Lazarus dies it says, 'He stinketh' when he dies?!' .........................we then spend the remainder of the time looking it up and other old words on bible gateway! I would like to say we found the verse Scott was talking about but ...............................................we didn't. If anyone happens to know please comment and let me know!!

A visit from Home

Last weekend, Dad came to visit me! I had an amazing weekend spending time with him, we saw 2012 (not the happiest of films but good always wins!), had a good drive round Hull and the surrounding towns, crossed the Humber bridge and found this lovely little place at the foot called Hessle foreshore. It was a refreshing weekend and i didnt want it to end but all good things come to an end!

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights here in Hull are now on!
I went with one of my Vineyard friends Emma, and were treated to singing from Mini Viva (i left my hear in Tokoyo) and Rhydian Roberts from the X factor, and of course Santa was there! Pictures below......
More Fireworks
Big Christmas tree

Santa, The mayor, Mini viva, Rhydian

turning the Christmas lights on

Rhydian singing

Mini Viva

So i guess that signals christmas is definately on its way!!!! Late night christmas shopping began this Thursday!! Still 4 weeks of Uni though!
Prayer Requests
I have an IT assignment in soon but one member of our group hasn't made contact with us so prayer that they will get in contact.
I have had a very busy couple of weeks and the next few are also going to be busy. Please pray that i remain fit and healthy and that i am able to find time to have my quite times.
LoveHullUni are going to launch a free tea and coffee van from next week as another AOK alond with waterbottling. Please pray that we get a good team together and we are able to be Jesus to the people we meet and have conversations with.

Thank you for reading......any suggestions on how to improve this blog will be greatly recieved.
God Bless

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