Thursday, 12 November 2009

**BREAKING NEWS** Zoe Roberts is now a tea drinker!!

Hello faithful blog readers!

As the title of this post explains i am now officially a tea drinker! Benita, one of the girls down my corridor has converted me to drinking tea with sugar and with as little milk as possible!! I now look forward to being greated by a smiling Benita ready and waiting to make me a humble yorkshire brew on my return from a hard day of lectures! A little taste of heaven!


Work is slowly piling up nicely. Labs have now changed to synthesis labs which are soooo much better than analytical labs purely because they are learning new techniques and synthesising different compounds!

As we have just had fireworks night the Chemistry department thought they would treat us to a 'flashes and bangs' lecture. this was pretty much what is says in the title. My supervisor took it and definately is the best.


I have now settled at Hull Vineyard. I just got that gut feeling coupled with feeling very welcome and lots of opportunities to get involved and serve the church.

I enjoyed a lovely ladies breakfast the other weekend. I particularly enjoyed this as i was able to meet people other than students (although most went to the uni) who live and work in Hull and broaden my horizans. I also met a fellow Croydoner in one of the pastors there!

As apart of small group we were treated to a fireworks party, which was also Deborah's birthday so we had the added bonus of cake and toasting mashmallows on the fire. Happy times! :)

Clubs and societies

As i am apart of the Trampolining club here, i was invited to join the Christians in sport meeting that happens weekly on campus. This is a group of christians who want to be Jesus to the people they play sport with and to also support other christians who play sport at the uni. I really enjoyed it as i met like minded people and to know that i'm not the only one who is challenged by the weekly socials that sports clubs have!

We also had a CU social. We watched the Pacifier........Awesome film but just dont ever watch it with Scott in the room..................enough said!

My weekly bible study with Carrie is going well. We are nearly half way through Colossians. Having never properly read it i am learning alot through Pauls letter to the church in Colossas which i can apply to my life.

In other news

Hull have the right end of the stick when it comes to community events. They put on a FREE fireworks display! I bet that idea would never have crossed the minds of the people who put on the fireworks at Sanderstead rec...........

I was very blessed in having a visit home a couple of weekends ago. It was really refreshing and was awesome to see my lovely family and the people of Purley B and to celebrate Deb's birthday.

Prayer requests

I am starting to feel settled here in Hull. I have lots of great friends. Please pray for depending of friendships

With the CU we are doing text a toastie on Monday. Please pray that people text us and we are able to be Jesus to the people we have conversations with.

I am in the middle of my mid semester tests. Please pray for discipline in my work.

God Bless



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