Thursday, 26 November 2009


Ca Va?

We are now officially one month from Christmas and just over a week till my birthday!

Hero of the Week

This prestigious award goes to Pauline Miller, one of my faithful readers and sends me lovely presents in the post! This time Pauline sent me a FAIRTRADE Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bar. I had heard that Cadbury's where doing fairtrade in November but had almost forgotten about it until yesterday! Thank you Pauline it was much apprecitated!

This week saw the Cottingham christmas lights switch my opinion Cottingham now looks like the Blackpool illuminations!

Last weekend i was able to go to York to see the Temple family. Kayleigh, Jordan and Alfie all loved my visit and appreciated the gifts i gave them! The day consisted of hide and seek, Wii champioships, sit ups and a chinese take away! I really enjoed sitting on a sofa and watching T.V as i haven't done that for nearly 3 months!
Also i am now the owner of a pot of coffeemate! It basically makes your coffee very milky but its a powder! i highly recommend it! Thank you Steph!

Being a Chemistry student i tend to not be around much during the day but it seems like every time i come home this seems to be happening.................

Ruby's hair has changed colour!!!

There is never a dull moment on my corridor!

Also this week my long awaited baby cousin was born! It was a baby girl weighing a little more than 5lb and 6 weeks far i haven't heard of the name ...... i will hopefully have a picture and a name by next week!


My course is still awesome! We are nearing the end now! Let the revision begin!! Labs this week was very fun! We had to isolate the caffine in tea. I have never come so close to drinking my experiment! I only got a 2% yeild which was a little dissapointing but aparently it was the actual value!


I am still learning and growing in my faith. The church is planning to expand and move to a warehouse which is really exciting to see what God has got instore for the church! (I am now apart of 2 churches that are planning to expand)


Cu is going good still.......text a washer up part 2 is planned for next friday which should be awesome. We have now finished 'Fresh' and are now going through the book of Luke.

Prayer Requests

As a CU we are looking reach out and expand but dont have funding. Please pray for guidence as to how to reach out and that money wont be an issue.

As i have mentioned, my baby cousin arrived on tuesday. Please pray that she remains healthy and will grow and become stronger.

Exams are approaching. Please pray that i am able to understand the work....etc

Hope you have a blessed week



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