Friday, 23 October 2009

Overview of Freshers Week and arrival weekend!!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry its late but its been mega busy here!

I arrived in Hull on the Saturday 26th September. I spent the day unpacking, making friends with the 4 girls down my corridor and finding my way around Cottingham and parts of Hull.
After dinner, I went to the Scott Mills Welcome party at the Union nightclub Asylum. It was a good night getting to know my corridor friends etc. and to my excitement was greeted by a group of students who all attend Hull Vineyard handing out water bottles outside the club! I had a great conversation with a girl called Eleanor (a 3rd year) about vineyard and what she was doing at 1 am on a Saturday night handing out water bottles in the freezing cold! Anyway, she said she would look out for me the next morning as I said I was going to Hull vineyard the following day!
Sure enough Sunday arrived and mum and the boys came with me to Hull Vineyard and i was greeted by a smiling and welcoming Eleanor who introduced me to other fresher’s she had met and some other chemistry students in subsequent years at the church. The service was awesome. The very clear message was to surrender everything to the Lord and Eleanor prayed for me and I felt an almighty release and peace about being in Hull and being in new surroundings and this was all part of God’s plan for my life however strange and unnerving it felt at this moment in time. After a farewell lunch with mum the boys and dad (he drove me up with all my stuff in his tardis of a car) it was time to say goodbye for 3 months to my family until christmas. A strange feeling for us all especially me! It was then off to the Commercial Bazaar part 1 where I was inundated with freebees etc.
After the welcome talk at Needler hall, I went to go meet the people I was supposed to have gone to Hull vineyard with to the evening service. I also met John Clarke the assistant minister at Hull Vineyard who works with the students.
Fresher’s week! – Monday consisted of Departmental Registration (more paperwork and getting my Lab coat and goggles which actually fit my face), Commercial bazaar part 2 (more freebees) and in the evening a movie night with the c.u. which turned into a get to know everyone session as the DVD player was jammed at Planet coffee (my second home)!
Tuesday bought a more relaxed day, just going to the Athletics union bazaar (with people telling me their club was better than everyone else’s). Hockey and Lacrosse clashed with my full timetable to I decided Trampoline was the club for me! The evening entertainment was a DJ set by Pendulum (which was good but Pendulum didn’t actually come on till 1:30am) Wednesday was another early start with University registration at 9am followed by the Societies Bazaar (the most scariest thing I have ever done in my life!!). I joined the C.U., LoveHullUni(I was given a Frisbee, happy times), and the ChemSoc(who didn’t turn up as they were all still hung-over), more later.
In the evening I was invited to the Hull Vineyard student bible study group which was really encouraging and great to meet more Christians and the University etc and Eleanor asked if I wanted to go water bottling at Asylum and my immediate response was YES! It was an amazing experience which bought about many interesting conversations about similar to that which I had with Eleanor on the 1st night but this time from the other prospective and also a prayer walk around the University.
Thursday was a laid back day (especially as I got back at 3am from water bottling). I went to a BBQ with the C.U. met the student worker at St John’s and had a free lunch which is always a blessing being a student.
Friday was another early start with my first chemistry lecture, safety and you need to work hard even though it doesn’t count towards the overall class of your degree! Got my full time table which is 9-5 everyday apart from Wednesday, with 8 hours of labs on Tuesday’s, Hardcore ey! I met my supervisor who is quite amusing (think big afro hair) I then went for a drink in the Santuary bar with all my course mates and staff (finally met Dr Mike Hird, the Christian admissions tutor who happens to go to a church 11 miles away!) In the evening I went to a Jazz evening with the C.U. which was a relaxed evening and great to meet new people again. Saturday was check out the washing machines day!! (It’s amazing how many friends you make doing your washing) In the evening was Strictly Come Dancing/ X factor time in the JCR! Sunday was to continue the church search day going to Jubilee (another free lunch) and St John’s in the evening.

I have been so blessed by the Lord over this week and everything i have asked for He has provided and I'm learning so much about life and God etc

Hope your all well wherever you are?

Go safe and God Bless


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

1st Blog!!

Hello everyone,

I write this from my university room at the University of Hull! Woah!! My Grandma reckons that once I have settled into living in the north I will stay here for good! At the moment I think I can agree! Lovely and flat up here, makes cycling so much easier.

I am now 1 and a 1/2 weeks into my first degreee (MChem with a year in industry). Lectures began on Monday, and so far it all going in swimmingly apart from the large amount of noise pollution that is in the chemistry department at the mo as they are still refurbishing it!
I had my 1st labs yesterday which where awesome mainly because i now have a white lab coat and glasses that fit my face so naturally look and feel like a proper chemist! The practicals consisted of 3 experiments on how to use a balance and callibrate a pipette and a burette! Highly skilled stuff you know!

I have really been blessed by the members of the C.U. here at Hull Uni and the surrounding churches with endless invites to events, services and free meals! Just loving seeing how God is working in other areas of the country and look forward to settling into a churh here in Hull and getting really involved in church life.

That will do for my first blog!

Take care and God Bless