Friday, 5 March 2010 exams!

Hello and Happy 2010.

This week is Re-Freshers week!

For those of you who do not know what this is it is a week for all the newbies who come to uni for a placement etc for them to find out about what it has to offer now they are in!

I was on the LoveHullUni stall for a little while spreading the Good news and talking to people about what we do along with eating FREE Dominos pizza!

Accomodation Fayre happened on Wednesday........this was possibly the most stressfull day i have had yet at university.
The task was to find a house for a reasonable price meeting to everyones taste. Seems easy on paper but how wrong was i!

To cut a long day short. I have a house for next year and everyone from the original group signed. PRAISE THE LORD!


I missed my 1st lecture of the year this week. I wish it had a great story behind it but my nike broke and had to fix it ......thats all!

Work is pilling up nicely this!


I have now been inducted onto the 'Welcome team' at Hull Vineyard and i really enjoyed it and some of the people i met at the Re-Freshers fayre turned up too! Awesome!

So another term has started here in Hull.

God Bless


Christmas arrived at Needler and a round up of 2009!

Hello and Merry Christmas!!

Christmas has arrived down the corridor this week. I made a paper snow flake for the 1st time ever!

This week also brought the first snow fall during my time in Hull! It was awesome it felt all christmasy!!


This week is reading week for Chemists although i can't grab an extra week of holidays as i have 2 back to back 2 hour exams in friday morning!! Where is the justice in the world!!


When i came to University i had 2 suitcases, a box and bedding........this has significantly grown and i am having great difficulty packing everything i have into my wardrobe! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


As mentioned last week we did flyering and give aways at the Newland light switch on.....we had our chirstmas service and an overdose of mince pies on Saturday! Great service joined by all.

Sooo 2009 What a Year!

2009 saw Zoe:

finally conquor my alevels once and for all and get into Hull University to read Chemistry with a year in industry.

Leave Caterham School for the final time. Many memories of this school and no doubt ill be back to help in one way or another.

Enjoy a whole year holiday to Crete

Be a leader on team at New wine in groundbreakers. Goooo REDS!

Leave home for the 1st time to chase after my dream of being a chemist

Join a church and get involved with its ministries

There are many more amazing events that happened in 2009 but these are a few that stick out for me! This year i have grown so much closer to God and long to put this into action in future years.

Here to to even more successful 2010!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Girly evening, a visit from home, baptisms and I turn 19!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been a little while since i last updated my blog! Another busy yet lovelly week here in Hull.

On Friday i had the afternoon off so i decided to go and have a look around Hull I found the ice arena and then walked along the Marina. The sun was shining and the sky was blue and it was a stuning sight.

So Friday night saw the 1st of another Hull Vineyard event called Image. This is an evening put on just for women. I was such a lovely time, i had a foot bath/massage, a face pack and a upper body massage! Wish we could do that every friday night. pictures below!

Saturday soon came and my Mummy arrived here in Hull! I was so excited to see her! We had an amazing day together, shopping, walking along the Marina and ending up at The Deep. *The Deep is the big aquarium here in Hull, some how this made me behave like a 6 year old again going 'ooo' at all the fish but was good fun*. We then headed to the cinema and watched, 'Me and Orson Welles'. This was a lovely film to crown off a truely special day!

Sunday arrived which ment I turn 19!! Mum was ready and armed with all my presents, hats, clothes, a winter coat, and a big kiss! *As mentioned in my previous blog Dad came up a month ago and bought me a Wii and a Tv to play it on for my birthday and christmas! More on that later!* As Mum wanted to see the church i joined we went along to the 10:30 service at the Vineyard. Mum really enjoyed it and a big thank you Gwyn who mentioned Lattitude for a good place to go for lunch, especially as the ministers had the same idea! We had a lovely lunch and then it was time to say goodbye. A very special weekend had come to an end but i now have some very special memories to hold onto as i don't get to live with my Mum anymore! Love you Mummy!! xx
Some pictures of the weekend.

Zoe and some boats on the Marina

Mummy and some boats on the Marina

Other Birthday celebrations!

I had a Birthday meal with some of my new friends here in Hull, followed by Wii championships on my new Wii and TV and then went out to Brassick (Student night). A big thank you to all the lovely people who celebrated my birthday with me, it was definately one to remember! More pictures below!

My Bedroom door with pink baloons!

Wii Chamionships!

The table at my birthday meal!


I am still enjoying attending Hull Vineyard church.

2nd December saw the switch on of the Newland Ave lights! *Newland Ave is where the majority of students live in Hull* As a church we hit the streets with free giveaways, invites to our christmas service and litter pickers! It was a great event enjoyed by all and the Vineyard band where asked to play some rocked up christmas carols to get us into the christmas swing!

6th December (my Birthday) saw the first set of Baptisms here, very simular to the set up that Purley Baptist do although the baptisms took place in a birthing pool and people being baptised had to sit down to be dunked!! Also as it was my birthday i was taken to the pub for celebrate the last few hours of my birthday!

13th December was the Hull Vineyard Carol service, with rocked up christmas carols, street dancing, drama and lots and lots of mince pies and Mulled wine! It was a great event to see the other members of the church i havnt yet met!


I have now handed in my IT assignment and look forward to hearing the grade i got! I have finished all my labs and lectures for the Semester but i hope my glass ware hasn't got mould on it as i put it in the cupboard wet! oops! never mind! Ill learn from my mistake!

This week is Chemists reading week! which in theory means that i can go home but oh no! they place 4 hours of assessments on the last friday of term one week before christmas! so this week is revision week!

Clubs and societies

Trampolining is going well. starting to make friends there now! Also my kit arrived this week! picture below!

CU is going well. We are still going through Luke and learning lots. We had our christmas jazz night and pub quiz on Monday! My team came 4th which was very respectable go team '3 chemists, a londoner and a bishop'.

So here i am. 1 week from the end of my 1st semster at University. What a 12 weeks it has been full of highs and lows. Next week i will do a round up and look back on the term and share some hopes fears and plans for the next year.

Prayer requests

Exams- 2 2 hour exams coming up on friday. Please pray that i am disciplined in doing my work and that i am able to remember the information in the exam.

For friendships - please pray that the friends i have will not be lost over the holidays and that the friendships i have at home will still be there when i get back.

For my family - that my arrival back in the house and London will not be stressful as i have definately changed as a person and being a student i live a very different lifestyle

Accommodation - everyone is panicing about it atm. its all very much up in the air. Please pray that it will all fall into place and that i get a nice house and a good set of house mates.

Big Love and i look forward to being back in London on Sunday!



Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hybrization, precipitation and radiation

So the title of this latest installment may be very random if not strange! Let me explain!

Being in Hull they all have a different accent to us Londoners! After a mixture of being told i definately had a London accent and having one of my course mates, Jay in my ear everytime a lecture said something in an accent (very regular) i decided i was going to do my best in engaging in the Yorkshire accent! Jay decided she would join me and we spent the entire of our maths tutorial trying to make a sentance that makes sense with hybridization, precipitaion and radiation in that actually made sense! We were un successful but it was the fastest maths tutorial ever! Please let me know if you have any ideas!


As i have mentioned in my previous posts i have had a series of mid semester tests! Didn't have any idea how i had answered the questions as these were my first university exams! You will all be please to know i gained 75%, 85% and 47% so in university terms that is two 1sts and a 3rd. Pretty awesome!

Only one more lab session till the end of semester and week 12 is our 'reading week'! so i may actually get some revision done that week!


This week saw the christmas lights on Newland Ave switched on. As a church we hit the streets to spread the love of Jesus with free bees and invites to our christmas services! Also one of the worship bands were able to play some rocked up carols which were awesome!

Also it was the newcomers dinner last sunday. We were taken to Lattitude (very posh resturant) for a chance to meet the leadership team and learn about what the church is about and were it is going! Was very exciting to meet new people and hear of what the church has planned.


Last weekend i was very lucky to see Delirious? on their fairwell tour with Becca. Was an awesome weekend seeing Becca for the 1st time since the summer and Delirious? was amazing. There is definately something very special about worshiping the Lord at events like that.

Here is a little taster of the night.

Although i went with Becca i kept bumping into various people i have met over the past few months. Was great fun!

We also went to a German market.....see below.

So another week has come to an end and only 2 weeks till i am back in London for Christmas!!

Prayer requests

The CU are doing another text a washer upper this friday. Please pray that it all goes well and they get lots of texts!

At vineyard the same day we are having a girly pamper night. Should be an awesome night. Please pray that all the guests enjoy themselves.

Thank you for all your support!

God Bless



Thursday, 26 November 2009


Ca Va?

We are now officially one month from Christmas and just over a week till my birthday!

Hero of the Week

This prestigious award goes to Pauline Miller, one of my faithful readers and sends me lovely presents in the post! This time Pauline sent me a FAIRTRADE Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bar. I had heard that Cadbury's where doing fairtrade in November but had almost forgotten about it until yesterday! Thank you Pauline it was much apprecitated!

This week saw the Cottingham christmas lights switch my opinion Cottingham now looks like the Blackpool illuminations!

Last weekend i was able to go to York to see the Temple family. Kayleigh, Jordan and Alfie all loved my visit and appreciated the gifts i gave them! The day consisted of hide and seek, Wii champioships, sit ups and a chinese take away! I really enjoed sitting on a sofa and watching T.V as i haven't done that for nearly 3 months!
Also i am now the owner of a pot of coffeemate! It basically makes your coffee very milky but its a powder! i highly recommend it! Thank you Steph!

Being a Chemistry student i tend to not be around much during the day but it seems like every time i come home this seems to be happening.................

Ruby's hair has changed colour!!!

There is never a dull moment on my corridor!

Also this week my long awaited baby cousin was born! It was a baby girl weighing a little more than 5lb and 6 weeks far i haven't heard of the name ...... i will hopefully have a picture and a name by next week!


My course is still awesome! We are nearing the end now! Let the revision begin!! Labs this week was very fun! We had to isolate the caffine in tea. I have never come so close to drinking my experiment! I only got a 2% yeild which was a little dissapointing but aparently it was the actual value!


I am still learning and growing in my faith. The church is planning to expand and move to a warehouse which is really exciting to see what God has got instore for the church! (I am now apart of 2 churches that are planning to expand)


Cu is going good still.......text a washer up part 2 is planned for next friday which should be awesome. We have now finished 'Fresh' and are now going through the book of Luke.

Prayer Requests

As a CU we are looking reach out and expand but dont have funding. Please pray for guidence as to how to reach out and that money wont be an issue.

As i have mentioned, my baby cousin arrived on tuesday. Please pray that she remains healthy and will grow and become stronger.

Exams are approaching. Please pray that i am able to understand the work....etc

Hope you have a blessed week



Friday, 20 November 2009

Washing up, midnight piggyback races and Christmas lights!!


Sorry that this edition of this weeks blog is has been a very busy week! This week saw the shut down of the entire Uni.......was very strange.

Last week i mentioned the small groups at Vineyard were treated to our very own fireworks display........i some how forgot to mention the midnight piggy backs and possing at the bus stop! See below......


Being in Hull and near the sea, the wind can be very strong at times but this week the wind has chosen to blow at right angles to the way i am cycling. As a result, i found myself being blown either into the kurb or into a car! The 15 minute cycle turned into a marthon and has to be one of the most challenging physical exercises i have ever done just to stay alive!!
Also this week combined i have worked out i have cycled 36 miles with 12 of them being today!! hardcore ey!!??


I have now come to the end of my mid semester tests! I feel they went ok altough when you see 2 lines of question followed by '6 marks' it was a little scary as i frantically tried to find 6 points related to the question in my attempt to answer it!
Hopefully, this week will be a little lighter on the work load and can get my IT assignment done and dusted!

Clubs and Societies

As i mentioned in last weeks blog, as a CU we were planning on doing 'text a toastie' at the Lawns (student halls). Due to health and safety gone mad we had to change it slightly to 'text a washer upper'. This bascially ment anyone can text a question they have about God the world and everything in it and what block they are in and moments later a group of us will turn up and do their washing up and give an answer to the question! Easy in principle!
Only issue was that due to various things the wardens wouldn't/couldn't put up the posters with the numbers on so the number wasn't circulated enough......we got 2 texts!
So Dave's amazing plan was to go to the people! Paired with Jen and armed with scrubbers, washing up liquid and Mark's Gospel we set off to Downs Hall! Jen had links with some people in the hall and we did help people tidy up their kitchens and do their washing up! People where very receptive to us and felt cared and loved that we had given up our night to be Jesus to them through this AOK!

I am still learning so much as Carrie and i go through Collosian's and how i can apply it to my life!


Church is awesome! I am starting to feel apart of the family here and during the ministry times one of the ministers took me under her wing and taught me how to pray for someone and listen to God. Something i have always been very unsure of.

In other news......

A lunch time well spent!

One lunch time, i went up to the library to do some constructive revision for one of my mid semster tests but shortly after logging onto a computer i was greated by a smiling Scott and Luke (my fellow christian 2nd year chemists) had a nice little conversation about the wonder that is chemistry until Scott pipes up with, 'did you know that in the KJV of the bible, when Lazarus dies it says, 'He stinketh' when he dies?!' .........................we then spend the remainder of the time looking it up and other old words on bible gateway! I would like to say we found the verse Scott was talking about but ...............................................we didn't. If anyone happens to know please comment and let me know!!

A visit from Home

Last weekend, Dad came to visit me! I had an amazing weekend spending time with him, we saw 2012 (not the happiest of films but good always wins!), had a good drive round Hull and the surrounding towns, crossed the Humber bridge and found this lovely little place at the foot called Hessle foreshore. It was a refreshing weekend and i didnt want it to end but all good things come to an end!

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights here in Hull are now on!
I went with one of my Vineyard friends Emma, and were treated to singing from Mini Viva (i left my hear in Tokoyo) and Rhydian Roberts from the X factor, and of course Santa was there! Pictures below......
More Fireworks
Big Christmas tree

Santa, The mayor, Mini viva, Rhydian

turning the Christmas lights on

Rhydian singing

Mini Viva

So i guess that signals christmas is definately on its way!!!! Late night christmas shopping began this Thursday!! Still 4 weeks of Uni though!
Prayer Requests
I have an IT assignment in soon but one member of our group hasn't made contact with us so prayer that they will get in contact.
I have had a very busy couple of weeks and the next few are also going to be busy. Please pray that i remain fit and healthy and that i am able to find time to have my quite times.
LoveHullUni are going to launch a free tea and coffee van from next week as another AOK alond with waterbottling. Please pray that we get a good team together and we are able to be Jesus to the people we meet and have conversations with.

Thank you for reading......any suggestions on how to improve this blog will be greatly recieved.
God Bless

Thursday, 12 November 2009

**BREAKING NEWS** Zoe Roberts is now a tea drinker!!

Hello faithful blog readers!

As the title of this post explains i am now officially a tea drinker! Benita, one of the girls down my corridor has converted me to drinking tea with sugar and with as little milk as possible!! I now look forward to being greated by a smiling Benita ready and waiting to make me a humble yorkshire brew on my return from a hard day of lectures! A little taste of heaven!


Work is slowly piling up nicely. Labs have now changed to synthesis labs which are soooo much better than analytical labs purely because they are learning new techniques and synthesising different compounds!

As we have just had fireworks night the Chemistry department thought they would treat us to a 'flashes and bangs' lecture. this was pretty much what is says in the title. My supervisor took it and definately is the best.


I have now settled at Hull Vineyard. I just got that gut feeling coupled with feeling very welcome and lots of opportunities to get involved and serve the church.

I enjoyed a lovely ladies breakfast the other weekend. I particularly enjoyed this as i was able to meet people other than students (although most went to the uni) who live and work in Hull and broaden my horizans. I also met a fellow Croydoner in one of the pastors there!

As apart of small group we were treated to a fireworks party, which was also Deborah's birthday so we had the added bonus of cake and toasting mashmallows on the fire. Happy times! :)

Clubs and societies

As i am apart of the Trampolining club here, i was invited to join the Christians in sport meeting that happens weekly on campus. This is a group of christians who want to be Jesus to the people they play sport with and to also support other christians who play sport at the uni. I really enjoyed it as i met like minded people and to know that i'm not the only one who is challenged by the weekly socials that sports clubs have!

We also had a CU social. We watched the Pacifier........Awesome film but just dont ever watch it with Scott in the room..................enough said!

My weekly bible study with Carrie is going well. We are nearly half way through Colossians. Having never properly read it i am learning alot through Pauls letter to the church in Colossas which i can apply to my life.

In other news

Hull have the right end of the stick when it comes to community events. They put on a FREE fireworks display! I bet that idea would never have crossed the minds of the people who put on the fireworks at Sanderstead rec...........

I was very blessed in having a visit home a couple of weekends ago. It was really refreshing and was awesome to see my lovely family and the people of Purley B and to celebrate Deb's birthday.

Prayer requests

I am starting to feel settled here in Hull. I have lots of great friends. Please pray for depending of friendships

With the CU we are doing text a toastie on Monday. Please pray that people text us and we are able to be Jesus to the people we have conversations with.

I am in the middle of my mid semester tests. Please pray for discipline in my work.

God Bless